10 Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners 2020

best boxing gloves for beginners

If you are a beginner in boxing and looking for the best boxing gloves pair to get started, then you are at the right place. It is vital to choose the right boxing gloves  to defend yourself and beat your opponent. To choose boxing gloves for beginners is not an easy task if you are not aware of the gloves size and necessary information about gloves.

ImageProductDetails  Price
717eqsrqjvL._SL1500_Venum ChallengerColor: Multiple
Note: Breathable interior mesh, large velcro enclosure.
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61QGWOJlLeL._SL1000_Sanabul EssentialColor: Multiple
Note: Secure Velcro closure System, Longitudinal arch design.
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71bGHhGkiL._SL1500_RDX BoxingColor: Multiple
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71EMUDMNsBL._SL1000_Ringside ApexColor: Multiple
Note: Injected Molded Foam, synthetic leather material.
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61CkkDH7FWL._SL1000_Meister BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Perfect for Heavy Bag Training and Fitness Workouts.
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61LY8bP-aL._SL1001_Fairtex Muay ThaiColor: Multiple
Note: Genuine leather gloves with velcro straps,  Size: 8 – 16 oz.
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41ikBTX7Q3LTwins special Boxing GlovesColor: Multiple
Note: Special Velcro Boxing Gloves.
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71aUEU5XL4L._SL1000_Cleto ReyesColor: Multiple
Note: full hook & loop closure, best training gloves.
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71YXWyoH8mL._SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Super tough and durable synthetic leather cover, Pro-Style Training Gloves .
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91Bn7TCGv-L._SL1500_Everlast BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: 80% Polyurethane/20% Polyester, Made in the USA.
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In this article, we will tell you about the top boxing gloves brand for beginners and some essential FAQs about choosing boxing gloves as a beginner. No doubt, it is the toughest decision to select the right gloves as a beginner in boxing.

Below is the list of top 10 Boxing gloves brand, which presents high quality and cheap gloves for beginners. Have a look and choose which one is suitable for your training session and helps in building your confidence in the boxing field.  At the end of the article, I give a few recommendations about boxing gloves for beginners.


1.Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves:

venum challenger

Venum Challenger 2.0 is the best option for beginners in boxing. These boxing gloves for beginners are designed in triple density foam padding to protect the hands of the beginners from injury.

Besides, the interior of these gloves is made from breathable mesh material for intense training sessions. This triple density foam padding also has shock absorption technology to help you train for longer. The Velcro wrist strap keeps your thumb in place and provides extra comfort.

2. SANABUL Essential Gel Boxing Training Gloves:

sanabul essential gel boxing gloves

As a beginner in boxing, if you are looking for a cheap boxing glove pair with high-quality material, then king of the ring Sanabul is here. Sanabul boxing gloves come in longitudinal Arch design, which is perfect for the new boxers, and it provides excellent fit closure for striking during the session.

Furthermore, these best budget boxing gloves provide real protection to the beginner’s hand with plenty of padding around the hand and thumb area. Gel protection helps in shock absorption and provides confidence to the beginners. If you are a beginner and looking for the best gloves for a hefty bag punch, you must go for Sanabul gloves.

3. RDX Boxing Gloves:

RDX boxing gloves

RDX boxing gloves are top-rated boxing gloves for beginners. These beginner boxing gloves are made from Maya Hide leather for premium quality. Besides, shell shock-resistant padding and reinforced coating keep the boxers safe from injury.

If you are a beginner in boxing and worried about the hand’s sweat due to which you failed to achieve desired goals, then RDX boxing gloves are the best option for you.

These best starter boxing gloves provide maximum ventilation and keep your hand cool all the time. Furthermore, the hook and loop wrist strap is attached with these gloves for striking precision and excellent support for the inexperienced boxers.

4. Ringside Apex IMF Tech Boxing Gloves:

ringside apex IMF boxing gloves

The Ringside Apex gloves are best beginner boxing gloves for sparring purposes. As a beginner, you can get on these gloves for an everyday training session. These excellent boxing gloves are reliable in their features and quality. Although, these gloves are expensive for the beginner’s cost is worth for those beginners who are looking to spar early on.

5. Meister Boxing Gloves:

Meister boxing gloves

Meister boxing gloves are an economical option for beginners with a fully meshed palm, which allows maximum breathability. These gloves are built-in multi-layered foam padding for hand and wrist protection. These best starter boxing gloves have an exciting feature as compared to other brands such as distinct texture over the fingers and knuckles.

Although these beginner boxing gloves are not high priced but offer high quality. These are considered best beginner boxing gloves for training purposes because the firm and soft padding are perfect for bag punch and sparring sessions.

6. Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

These are the best cheap boxing gloves for the beginners, made in Muay Thai, Thailand. Although these are not the best but great option for the newbies in the boxing because these gloves provide a tight fit for hard punches. Also, these are considered best gloves for heavy bag training and designed with premium leather for a comfortable feeling.

7. Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro:

Twins Special Boxing Gloves

If you are a boxing enthusiast and belongs to Muay Thai, then probably you have heard about the Twins brand. Twins Special gloves are the best choice boxing gloves for beginners and much popular among the boxers. These gloves are highly durable but not perfect for a daily training session.

With ample wrist support, these have high impact padding. You can choose these gloves in your color choice. All in all, anyone is starting their journey in boxing love the color of these gloves.

8. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves:

cleto reyes hook and loop gloves

I know you are wondering why Cleto includes in this list, this brand is for the experienced boxer and they are also expensive for the beginners. But, if you want to start your boxing career with an outstanding gloves brand, you should go for Cleto Reyes.

These top boxer gloves provide unmatched durability and excellent padding for hand protection. These training gloves are manufactured from goatskin leather with a water-resistant lining, which keeps the boxer’s hand dry and enhances comfort during the game.

Furthermore, Latex foam padding prevents thumb and fists injury. The full loop and hook closure allow easy removal of gloves.

Most importantly, these gloves will last for years and used in world championship boxing fights.

9.TITLE Pro Style Training Gloves:

title Pro Style Training Gloves

TITLE is a reputable brand of boxing gloves, and Prostyle training gloves design brings a taste of high quality for the beginners. It is the favorite brand of any boxing enthusiast because these are manufactured from genuine leather, which is considered highly durable material for gloves.

This best brand of boxing gloves pays special attention to the padding, which is highly recommended for the starters. Multi-layered foam padding with low and high-density foam gives maximum protection.

Besides, these top boxers’ gloves dissipate the force around the wrist and hand. Despite being made from high-quality material, these are budget-friendly gloves for beginners.

10. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves:

everlast pro style training gloves

Everlast is a renowned brand of boxing gloves, and the pro-style training gloves model is the best starter boxing gloves. Beginners who are going to dip their toes in the boxing world must choose this boxing gloves brand for their training session.

The palm area of these boxing gloves allows ventilation and keeps your hands cool and dry while training. Besides, antimicrobial inner lining prevents odor inside gloves. 

These boxing gloves for beginners is an excellent choice for heavy bag work due to dual-layered padding. These are not much durable but best boxing gloves for beginners for their training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1.How to Choose Glove Size and Weight? –
Tips for Beginners

While choosing the glove size and weight, you need to consider these things. 
1. For what purpose, you are purchasing gloves, for example, sparring, heavy bags, or training session.
2. What is your hand size, then choose accordingly.
Different sizes are available in gloves such as 12 0Z, 16 OZ, 18OZ, etc.

2. Which features should I expect from gloves as a beginner?

 As a beginner, you should expect these features in a gloves pair for example
Protection: Maximum protection for hands, wrists, and thumbs.
Comfort: Gloves should be well fit but comfortable at the same time.
Value: Always consider the quality of gloves over the price of gloves.

Final Thoughts:

To sum up, for a better fight in the field, you need to secure your hands with the best gloves pair. These ten gloves are made from premium quality material and provide excellent wrist support to beginners during their training sessions.

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