10 Best Boxing Gloves for Women 2020 Reviews

boxing gloves for women

Boxing gloves are usually thought of as a very simple piece of equipment and the majority of the people not belonging to the field of athletics consider boxing gloves to be a one size fit for all, which is obviously not true.

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When it comes to boxing gloves there is a range of different glove styles, out of which every boxing glove pair works differently with different individuals such as excelling one’s performance while leading to injury in another.

Therefore it is crucial to consider the weight of the boxer, practice intensity, boxer’s bout style, and the goal of the overall sports before choosing the perfect boxing gloves.

We have compiled a list with the best boxing gloves for women to ensure that they are provided with safe balance as well as comfortable padding that comes with the bulky gloves and lastly so that they can avoid awkward handling which tends to happen when the glove is overstuffed.

10 Best Boxing Gloves for Women:


This list is composed of the best boxing gloves for women that the market has to offer. The best boxing gloves design is accompanied with several key factors such as ventilation, the durability of the construction of the glove and the shape of the glove providing the boxer with the ability to make a proper fist.

Most of the boxing gloves in the list below follow the traditional boxing gloves making and are composed of leather guaranteeing durability and lightweight, although some of the boxing gloves in the list may have diverted from tradition and have used materials such as microfiber fabric.

Nonetheless, every pair of boxing gloves included in the list is available in a different range of sizes as well as prices to best accommodate any woman looking to purchase the best boxing gloves available.

1. Everlast Pro Style:

Everlast has been considered a standard for decades in the world of boxing. Their quality took a hit a few years back but despite that, their name is still used synonymously when it comes to quality boxing gloves.

Everlast still produces fine quality equipment that many boxers still feel proud to own such as their pro-style gloves for training that have taken the top spot in this list in terms of features, design and the overall value.

Everlast’s Pro Style training gloves feature panels consisting of mesh ventilation as well as liners that retreated with an antimicrobial solution. With a reasonable price tag and a well supported curved grip, these boxing gloves check just about all the boxes that a woman boxer could ask for.

  • The liner is treated with an anti-microbial solution.
  • Anatomically sustained curved grip
  • Panels with mesh ventilation
  • Everlast fakes might also be available in the market so beware

2. Sanabul Essential Gel:

sanabul best boxing gloves

This brand of boxing gloves may not be as well-known as the previous brand of gloves, but this has not stopped Sanabul from producing quality material and bringing it to the market at very affordable rates such as the martial arts equipment produced by Sanabul.

They provide equipment ranging from products for MMA practices to Jiu-Jitsu practices and for boxing.  Their products are designed in such a way to keep the player on its feet as well as in the ring. An excellent example of this is their Gel Boxing Gloves.

These gloves come with an extremely affordable price tag and are made with gel cushioning, genuine leather exterior and lastly breathable mesh palms.

  • The gloves are designed with gel cushioning for the purpose of protection.
  • The design of the gloves also includes breathable mesh palms.
  • Genuine leather is used in the making of the gloves.
  • The gloves may feel bulky

3. Venum Challenger 2.0:

best boxing gloves venum

This is another company that is making waves in the world of fitness and martial arts. Their products range runs from compression pants to the gear for MMA practices and to blocking pads. Venum has its own slogan ‘Fight Your Limits’ and with its product range and quality, they seem to be following it very well themselves.

Venum is known to bring high impact boxing gear to the market at very affordable rates for which they are truly admired. Their Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves feature a naturally contoured design with mesh ventilation as well as the product is also made with high-end synthetic leather.

  • The design of the gloves also includes breathable mesh interior.
  • High-end synthetic leather is used in the construction of the gloves.
  • Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves feature a naturally contoured design.
  • Seams of the boxing gloves are not reinforced

4. Ringside Apex:

ringside appex

This company caters to a niche market rather than to a wide range of customers. Their products are designed in a way to provide affordable quality to boxing trainers and to the boxers as well.

Ringside’s product range covers everything from bag springs to cotton swabs and a huge array of the best boxing gloves. Ringside’s Apex also has several options providing unique features with the guarantee of providing utility and comfort.

These features include mesh ventilation panels, a proprietary Stay-Dri liner, injection-molded foam padding and construction of the gloves with high-quality synthetic leather.

  • Injection molded foam padding is included in the design of the gloves.
  • A proprietary Stay-Dri liner is included in the design of the glove.
  • Construction of the gloves is with high-quality synthetic leather
  • The sizes of the gloves tend to run small

5. Title Pro Style:

The name of Title Boxing is one of the biggest names in today’s world of boxing equipment. Every creation of theirs in the catalog is made in such a way to provide maximum value to the buyer for the minimum investment.

This allows all the boxers to actually focus on their boxing and not on the cost of their boxing gloves. This company and its products have almost made it to every list of best boxing gear and it is not a coincidence.

The designers of the company put great thought into the designing of each piece and this is why all of their products have almost uniform but high ratings. Their Pro Style Leather training gloves are designed with full-grain highly durable leather as well as are also padded with multiple layers of the foam.

The gloves stay in their place due to the twin-ply wrap around the wrist, this wrap also supports the wearer’s wrist along with the attached thumb to help prevent any sort of injury as well as to make sure that the boxer stays in the rings.

  • The gloves are constructed with full-grain highly durable leather.
  • For the purpose of shock absorbing the gloves are also padded with multiple layers of the foam.
  • To make sure that the gloves stay in place the gloves are designed with a twin-ply wrap wrist strap.
  • The knuckle padding of the gloves is too thin

6. Twins Special:

best boxing gloves

You may not have heard about Twins before but that is only due to the fact that many of their products have few reviews. Although the few reviews that Twins do have are all uniformly highly rated and positive.

All the items in their company’s catalog are intended for MMA practices, for boxers and as well as for those that use boxing equipment such as gloves, shorts or head padding. And due to their Special Boxing Gloves, their products are producing more buzz in the market than normal.

These gloves do not fit the cheap affordable tag as they do not come cheap but they do come with full-leather construction provided with a hook and loop closing system that helps in keeping the gloves stable while the excellent knuckle protection that the gloves come with staves off knuckle injury.

  • The gloves have full-leather construction
  • The gloves have a hook and loop closing system that helps in keeping the gloves stable
  • The gloves are provided with knuckle protection that the gloves come with staves off knuckle injury
  • The thumbs usually tend to run small

7. Fairtex Muay Thai :

best boxing gloves for women

This company is unique among the other companies present on the list not just due to their quality but also due to the fact that this manufacturer has been mentioned twice.

The products of Fairtex are of enough high quality to have other companies also carry them along with their own line of products. This kind of endorsement is typically rare and gives a little more clarity when t comes to the price tag of Fairtex’s products.

Fairtex’s basic boxing gloves come with high handmade quality and each pair has genuine leather construction.

  • The gloves have genuine leather construction.
  • The gloves are provided with hook and loop closing system that helps in keeping the gloves stable.
  • The gloves are handmade in Thailand.
  • The gloves are loose on the hands

8. Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop:

This is quite frankly the most authentic manufacturer on our list of best boxing gloves for women. The gloves of the company are specifically handmade in Mexico by using high-quality leather.

They use goatskin leather in the making of their hook and loop training gloves. The lining of the gloves is made with water-repellant technology to keep the hands of the wearer dry.

Cleto Reyes provides its customers with such high-quality products so that their customers won’t mind the price tag shock.

  • They use goatskin leather in the making of their hook and loop training gloves
  • The lining of the gloves is made with water repellant technology
  • They provide their customers with such high-quality products
  • Seams of the boxing gloves are not reinforced

9. Anthem Stormbringer:

best boxing gloves

This company finds pride in itself for providing every and anything that a martial arts artist could ever want. Their products have found a special place for them in every martial arts equipment store. Every product of the Anthem Athletics has a four to a five-star rating that is not some easy feat to accomplish, specifically when it comes to the given competition between different sport goods companies.

Their high quality really shines in their Stormbringer Boxing Gloves as not only do these boxing gloves have the most epic name on this list but they are also designed with various features such as Buffalo leather construction and a moisture-wicking lining that already set these boxing gloves apart from others while the reasonable price tag make them look even better.

  • The gloves have a premium buffalo leather construction.
  • The gloves are provided with triple-density PU foam.
  • The gloves have a moisture-wicking lining.
  • These boxing gloves are not for sparring

10. Fairtex BGV14:

best boxing gloves for women

These boxing gloves may not have been ranked highly on our list but this I the only manufacturer that has made the list twice, this company is dedicated to producing martial arts equipment. Their product range focuses on MMA fighters, Boxers and the practitioners of Muay Thai but most of their products can be applied to almost any form of martial arts.

Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Gloves do not come cheap but they do come with a list of features such as consistent weight distribution, microfiber construction providing high value with cost.

  • The gloves have a microfiber construction.
  • The gloves are specifically handmade in Thailand.
  • The gloves have consistent weight throughout.
  • The decals of the gloves may fade over time.
women boxing gloves

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to choose the right size of boxing gloves?

The right size of gloves is usually chosen based on the weight of the boxer. There are various glove weight expectations to be followed for every gender so what you can do is compare different charts and find your happy medium.

2. Do heavier boxing gloves hurt more?

Heavier boxing gloves tend to have more surface area and the padding of the loves increases the duration goes the punch and with an increased surface area the force of the punch spreads out making it hurt less than the smaller gloves.

3. Is it bad to hit a punching bag without gloves?

The honest answer to this will be yes it is bad to hit a punching bag without boxing gloves or even without any kind of hand protection.

4. Do you need to wrap your hand when using boxing gloves?

According to the rule of the thumb yes as you should protect your hand at all times. But you can also go unwrapped or bare knuckles to toughen your hands.

5. When should you replace a boxing glove?

Boxing gloves should be replaced every 6 months depending on the frequency of their use.

6. What color boxing gloves are best?

For basic training, the color of the gloves does not matter but the more colorful your glove is the easier it will be for the trainer to catch your punches.


Whether the boxing gloves in question are for bag works and sparring, matches or for practice, almost everyone can find something for themselves in this list. The ideal pair for every woman boxer is on this list, although the specific pair may vary from boxer to boxer.

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