10 Best Boxing Shoes For Women 2020 Reviews and Ratings

boxing shoes for women

Shoes are a very important part of a person’s lifestyle, different shoe styles are made for different lifestyles. Selection of best boxing shoes for women is a very difficult task because currently there are many brands available in the market.

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Since boxing is a very tough practice the shoes being chosen for the purpose of wearing during boxing must be chosen very wisely or else your feet might curse you the entire time you are in the ring.

The comfort of your feet should always be your priority whether you are an athlete or a person with a day job because if your feet are at ease your level of productivity will amp up.

If the quality of your shoes is poor the level of productivity will also go down. If your feet are at ease your back will be at ease and when your back will be at ease your entire body will be at ease.

Boxing being a very tough profession requires adequate attention to every minute detail from choosing your gloves to shoes.Choosing the best quality products for yourself will put your body to ease and you will be able to concentrate more towards your opponent.

Your shoes must be capable to endure the practice intensity i.e. choose something made out of tough material. You won’t have to worry about the biting shoe or uncomfortable or heavy shoe if you choose your boxing shoes wisely.


 Great shots can only be delivered if your footwork is strong enough. So here we are going to list down 10 best boxing shoes for women. You are supposed to consider these things before buying your perfect shoes such as design, grip, rotation, material, flexibility, durability and sustainability.

If a specific brand is recommended by your coach as best boxing shoe it doesn’t mean it will be the best choice for you as well.One pair of boxing shoes can never be best for everyone at the same time because every foot is different and every foot requires different shoes.

So explore and consider every idea as much as you can and then choose among our categories of best boxing shoes for women. By listing the best brands down here we intend to ease this process up for you because you won’t have to survey the entire market to choose the boxing shoes you can just do it by reading our article.

Every boxing shoe is designed with keeping stability and traction in mind but sadly not all of them are capable enough to deliver these values. Every shoe is different from each other in terms of flexibility, rotation, grip, and durability so here we are going to discuss these features of every brand in depth to ease up the selection process for you.



best boxing shoes for women

 If you are conscious about your speed in the ring, or on the mat, your choice should be Adidas pro bout boxing boots. These boots are specifically designed to offer speedy moves directly from point A to B. Which will eventually astonish your opponent and make them wonder about your next move. These shoes are a perfect pick because the maker doesn’t compromise on comfort and support while offering astonishing speed.

They become helpful in making movements as smooth as gliding fluid. This model has a less-sticky rubber which gives the sole of your boxing shoes an amazing combination of grip,

balance, and stability, which allows you to get out of tricky spots in a jiffy during the defense.

  • great fit, extremely flexible, durable outsole, cushioned heel
  • a little heavy in terms of weight.


best boxinh shoes for women

These are going to be your pick if you are on a tight budget. Because the manufacturer is offering great shoes for you and that is at a petite price when compared to other brands.

Adidas HVC2 Speed Boxing shoes are specifically designed for intense workout sessions and hardcore fights. Its expertly crafted outsole makes it extremely reliable and easy to glide on.

It offers a full-length rubber sole and that too with omnidirectional treads. Which provides you a firm grip on the mat which leads to both firmness and stability in every direction.

  • highly breathable, dual pivot circles, omni directional treads
  • they might be a little narrow for you if your feet are wide


best boxing shoes for women

The Otomix pink stingray escape boxing shoes should be your pick. If you are looking for a pair for boxing or other activities on the mat. They are extremely lightweight and is designed in this manner makes them almost hard to feel.

The intense level of balance, support, and grip that they offer make them even better. The company has kept feminine preferences in mind while designing Otomix pink stingray escape boxing shoes.

They are designed from a mix of synthetic and suede materials. They are extremely durable which makes them stand out.

  • extremely lightweight
  • lock laces
  • offers incredible ankle support
  • super traction
  • amazing colors range
  • can get warmer when used for longer durations.


best boxing shoes for women

 Asics JB Elite III boxing shoes feature split sole design specifically designed for wrestling. They feature Serra dial traction pods as well which offers exceptional grip and flexibility.

The revamped upper design is composed of a very breathable single-layer mesh fabric. Which offers an optimum level of comfort and fits nicely. This company has introduced a new sleek lace garage system.

This system conceals the lace and meets all the regulations for tournament competitions. So you can hit the mat with full confidence every time you wear your Asics JB Elite III shoes.

  • ankle support
  • excellent grip on mat
  • laces wear out quickly


best boxing shoes for women

These boots have a high cut design so they are the best choice for boxers who wish to train hard. They fit quite perfectly. These boots are engineered specifically to provide the optimum level of support and comfort to athletes.

These boots have a thin rubber outsole made out of nonmarking gum rubber. Reebok women’s boxing shoes offer excellent traction, feet support, durability, and breathability.

  • light and comfortable
  • fits perfectly
  • optimum level of comfort and grip
  • takes time to lace up


best boxing shoes for women

They are another great pick for wider feet. These are designed specifically for boxing. These rival boxing boots offer maximum durability.

They are basically mid-top shoes which offer a little extra protection around the ankle area, they do it quite nicely without even being obtrusive to your movements.

Their price takes them to another level because they are extremely affordable.

  • awesome design
  • ankle support
  • affordable, durable
  • not good for narrow feted boxers


best boxing shoes for women

They offer an optimum level of comfort and grip. They have quite noticeable grooves which offer a firm grip on the ground which allows your body to move evenly. These are unisex so when choosing it for women to choose a shoe 2 size smaller than men’s.

  • ankle support
  • budget friendly
  • sturdy
  • a little heavy


best boxing shoes for women

These shoes give you real value for the money you spend on getting your hands on these. It features an adjustable and wide upper lacing system. These shoes incorporate a side zipper which makes it easier to glide them on and off quickly. They are extremely comfortable.

  • side zipper
  • breathable
  • durable
  • non restrictive
  • might feel heavy once worn


best boxing shoes for women

Ringside diablo boxing shoes are designed in a contemporary manner. These shoes offer you a taut and complete fitting fit specifically for high-speed performance in the ring. They are quite comfortable as well. It features a mid-top design that allows ankle mobility for easy and flexible motions and rotations. These shoes make you quick on your feet which will make your opponent off balance. It will eventually open an opportunity for you to attack. They prevent your feet from fatiguing.

  • breathable
  • lightweight
  • precise ankle rotations
  • top design at affordable rates
  • not the sturdiest, do not appear exactly as the images on the internet


best boxing shoes for women

These boxing shoes are a perfect fit for you because they are very light on one’s foot.  They have a breathable mesh fabric upper layer accompanied with a cushioned midsole to support your arch mainly.

Its outsole is made out of gum rubber which provides adequate grip and traction. This is counted among the most affordable shoes in the boxing category.

  • incredibly flexible
  • durable outsole
  • they may not be light weight


How to choose the right size for your boxing shoes?

Choosing the right size for your boxing shoes is extremely important because wearing a loose or extremely tight shoe will affect your productivity.

So if you are ordering your boxing shoes online make sure you first measure your feet with a measurement tape and then match your measurements with the ones mentioned on the online store and then place your order.

What color boxing shoes are best?

 Best boxing shoes for women are the ones that you choose in accordance with your personal preference. Choose the color which you like. Always go for a color that comforts you and gives you a sense of reassurance.

Should I wear socks under my boxing shoes?

It is totally dependent on your personal preferences. When boxing shoes are worn for the longer duration they result in stinky feet so many athletes prefer to wear socks under boxing shoes to avoid all sorts of smells.

If you wear socks under your boxing shoes there are fewer chances of stinky feet.

When should I get a new pair of boxing shoes?

This is the most asked question on the internet that how often one should replace their boxing shoes. Since boxing shoes are not something which is cheaply priced so you must keep certain points in mind before you plan to buy new boxing shoes for yourself.

If your boxing shoes are not comfortable anymore, they are not helping you glide nicely on the mat and they are not even helping you in maintaining a firm grip before your opponent it’s time to change them.

Should I opt for cheaper boxing shoes?

There is no problem at all in opting for cheaper options be it boxing shoes, or any other thing as long as they serve the purpose rightly they are being chosen for. You must never choose a product on the basis of its price. Choose the best boxing shoes for women by reviewing the shoe’s quality and the features it is offering. Because your aim should always be to drive out the best boxing performance by wearing the best shoes.

Can I buy a second hand or dupe boxing shoes?

I would never suggest you buy second hand or dupe boxing shoes because by doing that you are going to make your feet suffer badly. Keep one thing in mind boxing is a tough practice and you don’t want to put yourself in discomfort or pain at all. So always make sure that you buy 100% genuine boxing shoes.


Concluding it to the point that choosing the best boxing shoes for women is no easy job at all. It requires a lot of research work to choose the correct pair of shoes. Choosing a wrong pair of shoes may result in so many mishaps and obviously, you don’t want any mishaps to happen.

Choose a boxing shoe that provides you an optimum level of comfort, grip, and flexibility. Always choose your boxing shoes yourself and never rely on others for this important decision.

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