10 Best Everlast Boxing Gloves 2020 Reviews and Ratings

everlast boxing gloves


ImageProductDetails  Price
71JfQ0mStyL._UX522_EverlastColor: Red and Gold
Note: Foam padding, Lace fastening, Synthetic shell.
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81LxaxfGUvL._AC_SL1500_EverlastColor: Multiple
Note: synthetic leather, Ideal for sparring,  comfortable.
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912sbqRHWL._AC_SL1500_EverlastColor: Multiple
Note: 80% Polyurethane/20% Polyester, Made in the USA.
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5115SW8FP3L._AC_EverlastColor: Red
Note: Designed after Everlast Professional Boxing Gloves.
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41GqctACONL._AC_EverlastColor: Red and Grey
Note: Powerlock technology, Premium leather construction.
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61NBJ5TKaUL._AC_SL1000_EverlastColor: Grrey
Note:Premium suede leather, Back-end hook and loop wrist wrap.
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91WRfxnPPpL._AC_SL1500_EverlastColor: Multiple
Note: 100% Other Fibers, Synthetic leather,  heavy bag workout.
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Screen-Shot-10-24-19-at-03.14-PMEverlastColor: Black
Note: Everlast Pro-Style Training Gloves.
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41OswHM3s0L._AC_EverlastColor: Black and grey
Note: Synthetic leather punch mitts with neoprene gloves
Full glove backing for support
Anti-microbial treatment keeps glove fresh.
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61SyFENS79L._AC_SL1000_EverlastColor: White and Red
Note: Lace up closure, Handcrafted in Mexico.
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Everlast Boxing Gloves

Everlast is a renowned American brand of mixed martial arts, boxing gloves, fitness equipment, and footwear. But,when it comes to boxing, it is over 100 years’ journey to make high-quality best boxing gloves.

A professional boxer frequently uses Everlast Boxing gloves in the ring. Their products are overhauled due to excellent construction, precise fist position, power lock technology, and more excellent protection against injuries. Above all, a complete package of Everfresh, EverCool, Evershield, and EverDri permits the athletes to punch, hook, and jab during training.

Most importantly, these gloves are built in between pillows and puncher’s gloves which provides balance in term of power and protection.  Top fighters names who regularly wear Everlast boxing gloves are Andre Ward, Deontay Wilder, Miguel Cotto, Brandon Rios, and Nonito Donaire. Here, we will explore ten best boxing gloves, let’s start!

List of 10 Best Everlast Boxing Gloves:

1. Men’s Autograph Everlast Boxing Gloves:

Men's Autograph Everlast Boxing Gloves

 These are designed specifically for boxing lovers and fans. Therefore, the fans get these boxing gloves and signed them by boxing champion.

These gloves will enhance your training room look and elegance. Besides, it will show the fan’s love for these gloves. However, these gloves are used only for display purposes.

Available SizesOne
Available ColorsRed, Gold

2. Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves:

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

The Elite Pro Style Training Gloves is constructed from closed cell foam technology due to which it provides a more excellent grip cord for extra gripping power.

Also, it enhances your hand protection — these Everlast boxing gloves made with revolutionary features that improve the range of motion naturally. However, the main feature of these boxing gloves is the hourglass-shaped wrist section. 

On the other hand, Evercool technology enhances the ventilation and protects your hand from overheating and sweating. Certainly, the exterior of Elite Prostyle training gloves is covered in synthetic leather with a smooth finish. The Velcro strap allows the athlete to adjust the gloves according to hand size. Besides, foam padding covered the whole surface which provides excellent protection. However, these gloves are not perfect for long sessions.

Available Colors14 OZ, 16 OZ
Available SizesBlack, Blue, Blue/green, White, White /Grey Red and Navy blue/Red

3. EVERLAST Pro Style Training Boxing Gloves:

EVERLAST Pro Style Training Boxing Gloves

This model is equipped with all technologies. Incredible feature is thumbLok technology to keep the thumb in the right place and protects the thumb from breaking. 

Everlast Pro-Style training boxing gloves -palm is constructed from Everccool mesh that allows the air circulation and prevents over sweating during intense sessions. Also, inside lining is antibacterial due to Everfresh technology.  Double layered foam padding can absorb the impact forces and disperse them. Additionally, C4 foam technology maximizes the grip and punching power

In addition, this model has cuffs on the wrist by a hook and loop closure system to adjust the tightness of the glove.

Furthermore, features with patented thumb-lock technology to keep your thumb in the right place. Above all, Everfresh technology keeps away the unpleasant smell after extended use


Available Sizes12 OZ, 14 OZ
Available ColorsPink, Black, Red

4. 2964 Traditional Boxing Gloves-14-Ounce:

2964 Traditional Boxing Gloves-14-Ounce

The company designed these gloves after Professional Boxing Gloves. Therefore, these are made from durable leather –grained Everhide. Most importantly Thumb-lock technology assists the athlete in keeping the fist in position.

Besides, foam padding with cotton lining provides comfort and save you from injuries. These boxing gloves red can easily pull off and on due to laceless style.

However, these gloves are not well ventilated and boxers hand get sweat during the session. So, these gloves are suitable only for short sessions.

Available Sizes:14 0Z
Available ColorsRed

5. Everlast 8oz Red/Gry PowerLock Pro Fight:

Everlast 8oz Red/Gry PowerLock Pro Fight

These competition lace-up boxing gloves red have an ergonomic layered foam for natural fist position. Besides, they are built-in premium leather for powerful punch, optimum performance, and more extended functionality.

 The compact design of these gloves certainly provides a balance in speed and power. By and large, these Everlast boxing gloves red make for both genders with color variation.

Available Sizes:8 OZ, 10 OZ
Available Colors:Black/Silver, Black/Green, Black /Pink, Black/Gold, Red/Grey, Navy/Green, Grey/Red

6. Prime Boxing Everlast Gloves:

everlast boxing gloves

As opposed to other models, prime boxing gloves padding is not so firm and suitable for sparring and light bag punching. However, these keep your fists in alignment during training.

In addition, EverDri wicking lining prevents the extra sweating and makes your gloves fresh for a long time.

Moreover, resilient foam padding for maximum cushioning and minimizing bruising risk.


Available Size:14OZ, 16OZ
Available Colors:Grey/Green/White

7. Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves:

Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves

These Training Gloves are constructed with power lock technology; the anatomical foam provides your hand natural fist position. Besides, these boxing gloves have a modern look and compact design, which is suitable for superior fist closure. 

Additionally, this professional glove pair is made from genuine leather and perfect for sparring and heavy bag punching. On the other hand, the Velcro strap can be separate from gloves if you want to take them off.

Available Sizes:12OZ, 14OZ, 16OZ
Available Colors:Black/Gold, Black/Pink, Black/White, Red/Blue, White/Gold, Blue/Red

8. ProTex2 Training Everlast Boxing Gloves:

 ProTex2 Training Everlast Boxing Gloves

The Protex 2 training gloves are designed to provide the maximum power with ergonomic design and wrist stabilization technology. As opposed to other models, it offers superior wrist comfort and protection because of the wrist stabilization feature.

In short, it is an innovative addition in boxing gloves with EverDri liner that keeps your hand dry and odor-free. So, these gloves are perfect for heavy-duty

Available Sizes:16OZ, 14OZ
Available Colors:Black

9. Fitness Kit Black – Grey Everlast :

Fitness Kit Black – Grey Everlast

This kit consists of a synthetic leather mitts gloves pair and neoprene gloves pair. Specifically, neoprene gloves are designed for light but accurate punching.

Also, they provide the best anti-microbial protection and keep away the unpleasant odor and sweating. Furthermore, These fitness mitts have a small target with the logo in the center, which helps to punch your target with high precision.

Available Sizes:18OZ, 14OZ, 16OZ
Available Colors:Grey

10: Everlast Red MX PRO Fight Boxing Gloves:

Everlast Red MX PRO Fight Boxing Gloves

These Everlast boxing gloves red built-in premium Mexican leather to provide maximum flexibility. Besides, Custom horsehair and foam blend provide optimal power transfer for a professional fight.

Nowadays these gloves are known best fight gloves in the market. On one hand, These gloves offer plenty of room for a wrapped hand and also suitable for training. On the other hand, custom horsehair and foam blend allows for optimal power transfer

Available Sizes:8OZ, 10Z, 10OZ (L/XL)
Available Colors:Red, White, Black
everlast boxing gloves

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Everlast boxing gloves made of?

Everlast boxing gloves are made from tanned grain leather such as cowhide or goatskin, while Lesser-quality gloves will be made from vinyl.

Are Everlast gloves excellent and worth purchasing?

Yes, these are winning gloves and used by fighters in the ring for extra protection and perfect fist position.  Additionally, power lock technology and anti-microbial properties give them an edge over other boxing gloves brand.

How many types of Everlast Boxing Gloves available?

There are three types available in Everlast boxing gloves, Sparring gloves, Competition gloves, and heavy bag gloves.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, it is the best boxing gloves brand for athletes and making gloves for beginners, professionals, and trainers.

Similarly, no compromise on durability and functionality in most products and well ventilated, which is a dire need of the boxers.

Hence, review these boxing gloves and choose according to your requirements.

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