10 Best Punching Bags 2020 Reviews and Ratings

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Boxing is a twisted sport, it’s not just the game. It requires a lot of effort to get prepared and to compete with opponents. However, the fact is

“To be the best you have to beat the best”.

If you want to be a good boxer you only need to have a pair of gloves, a speed bag, and a jump rope. After that, the only thing is your practice that makes you perfect. A punching bag is an important element for your boxing training.

Punching bags helps you a lot to improve your attacking speed, and a great source to learn attacking strategies. This is important equipment for achieving powerful kicks and punches.

During the selection of the punching bag, people often confuse because there are a lot of varieties and each has its characteristics. Some of them prepared very well and some are just for exterior appearance. But it depends upon the buyer requirement.


1. Everlast heavy bag kit:

best punching bag

Everlast brand is most demanding for its quality and customer satisfaction. They are providing a deal in which heavy bag kit and other types of items include.

This bag is called a heavy bag because it contains a massive stuffing that leads to more settlement. Due to its useful specialties, the buyer will attract towards the product that added more value. The main drawback is it only comes in 70 pounds.

  • Synthetic leather cover
  • 70 lbs
  • Quality brand
  • Extra gears
  • Easy to care
  • Only 70 lbs

2. Outslayer 100 lb Punching Bag:

best punching bags

This company is the manufacturer of boxing accessories which is famous for its top-quality products that are available at affordable prices. They are unique either its quality or service.

They present their bags in shielding case which prevents it from damages. Their bags are at reasonable prices so anyone can afford it. The foremost deprivation is third party sellers who are involved in this company.

  • Special fabric filling
  • Heavy duty vinyl cover
  • 55 inches body length, 14″ diameter
  • 100 lbs
  • Shipped in protective covers
  • Third party sellers

3. RDX punching Kit:

punching bag kit

RDX is a well-known company for different martial arts companies. They have a range of punching bags. This company provides an impressive deal of providing other boxing stuff with this one punching bag.

With all other qualities of this brand, one of the best specialty is they provide heavy bag in different lengths which leads to more satisfaction of the customer. These bags are lightly weighted which is the main drawback.

  • Durable
  • Complete kit with accessories
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Versatile
  • Relatively light weighted
  • Costly package

4. Last Punch Heavy Duty punching Bag:

best punching bag

If you are a beginner and looking for the best option in punching bags, this one is the best choice for you. It is a tiny thing but harder than its size. This model is best to practice for your next combat. Last punch is a heavy-duty canvas punching bag.

You can even fill this bag with any material, like cotton, plastic bags, old clothes and anything you feel comfortable. This punching bag is 48″ Long with Chains, 33″ without Chains and 18″ Wide. You will also get free-hanging chains with this bag.

  • Best for beginners
  • Canvas type shell
  • Easy filling
  • 48” long & 18” wide
  • Low customer ratings
  • Max weight about 70-80 lb

5. Title Classic Double End:

title punching bag

These heavy bags are different from other bags. Title is a big name in the sports industry. They are providing top-notch products. Title Classic double-end heavy bag is made of super-durable synthetic leather.

Triple reinforced D-Rings on top of bag for hanging this bag. This bag should be on top of our list due to high-density shock-absorbing foam liner. This brand does not offer any accessory with a heavy bag.

  • Top quality brand
  • Synthetic leather
  • Double end hangings
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 42″
  • High density shock absorber
  • Costly
  • Single color
  • Sizing issue

6. Ringside Soft Filled Boxing:

best punching bag

Ringside is giving a variety of boxing gears, including gloves, hand wraps, headgears and a lot more. Their soft filled heavy bag is available in different weight and you can get as per your requirement.

Soft Shredded textile filling provides a comfortable hitting surface. The heavy bag contains an internal, plastic cylinder in the center. A heavy bag chain and Swivel are included in this bag kit.

The heavy bag’s finished weight can be customized anywhere between 140 and 200 lbs. by simply unzipping the top of the bag and adding the desired amount of sand to the inside of the cylinder.

  • Weight variations
  • Soft filled heavy bag
  • D-ring on bottom
  • Size: 16″ x 48″
  • Costly

7. Everlast traditional:

heavy punching bag

This is one of the famous brands of boxing accessories. As the Company name shows that their quality will remain ever last. Even, they are producing every item that will need in martial arts. Along with their most reliable quality, they offer affordable prices.

Punching bags need particular mounting fixtures to avoid them from damages during training in a critical situation. Every boxer has his own choice so according to customer need this brand provide bags with multiple weights. These bags are affordable. Because of its demand, it may be too short.

  • Quality brand
  • Multiple weight options
  • Hardware included
  • Durable product
  • 100 lbs
  • Short size

8. Ringside Heritage 90 lb:

best heavy punching bags

This is a high-quality brand. Their bags are wrapped tightly with synthetic leather. They choose a classical appearance using a combination of colors. Due to its unique quality and strong construction, this is the most costly bag in the list so anyone cannot afford it.

While the purchase of a heavy bag you must understand which bag will be best for training. Heavy bag investment means you have to practice your boxing techniques so be careful while selection.

  • Exceptional durability
  • Top brand
  • Unique look
  • Traditional construction
  • 90 lbs
  • Engraved logo
  • 2.2 mm thickness
  • High price
  • Only for professionals
  • Lower sales

9. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag:

best punching bags

Century’s ultimate bag is available in the boxing world with the largest punching surface. This punching bag is 69 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter that gives you a plenty of area to punch and kick.

Century is one of the industry leader producing martial arts gears. This heavy bag is the best punching bag to practice your techniques and punches. The striking surface is high quality, with a durable vinyl cover and foam.

  • Extra larges bag
  • Weight distribution
  • 69” tall and 18” diameter
  • Fillable
  • Heavy bag
  • Expensive
  • Big size

10. PROLAST Boxing MMA Heavy Punching Bag:

best punching bag

PROLAST is one of the best companies in martial arts types of equipment. They produce products in a wide range of variety. PROLAST heavy duty punching bags are designed for heavy training sessions and workouts.

This PROLAST punching bag is made with PROLAST RIP-ROOF technology with a lifetime warranty certificate. These bags are being manufactured in the USA and they don’t need chains to hang.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable hanging straps
  • Heavy duty chrome covered D rings
  • RIP-STOP exterior shell
  • Costly
  • Flimsy Material
boxing punching basg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need different gloves for punching bag?

A: Yes, deffinitely you need different boxes gloves for your punching bags for a better practce session. Heavy bag gloves are highly recommended for punching bags. These bags are made of genuine leather and can harm your hands during the trainings session.

Q: How the punching bags deliverd filled or unfilled?

A: It depends on the company you are ordering. Mostly they come unfilled but many comapnies prefered to deliver filled punching bags.

Q: Do I need extra care for leather punching bags?

A: Yes, leather is a sophisticated material and it needs extra care for longer life. These leather bags should be kept in normal room temprature and always in the covers.

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