10 Best Title Boxing Gloves 2020 Reviews and Ratings

title boxing gloves
ImageProductDetails  Price
71XmSds9pL._AC_SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Crafted from select hides of full grain leather, GEL infused cuff.
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71jfyojXVWL._AC_SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Exclusive Gel Enforced Lining and multi-layered foam padding.
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71ANIci42cL._AC_SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: New and exclusive Gel Enforced Lining.
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71TMNdDb1DL._AC_SL1200_Title BoxingColor: Colors
Note: pre-curved fit and durable 100% genuine leather construction.
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71a4BtpD6-L._AC_SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Handcrafted in 100% genuine leather, Extended handstitched design.
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81dcEpJsDYL._AC_SL1200_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Super durable and stylish full-grain distressed leather training gloves.
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71ItIF-B3hL._AC_SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: durable cowhide with a unique 3-layer, Full angled leather and elastic wraparound wrist strap.
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71l0xlHQZvL._AC_SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Full wraparound adjustable hook-and-loop wrist strap, Extra-long lasting leather.
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61iypSbjvsL._AC_SL1200_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: More than 2” of spongy, yet resilient, shock-absorbing foam.
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71wNXbfq6GL._AC_SL1500_Title BoxingColor: Multiple
Note: Multi-layer shock absorbing high and low density foams.
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TITLE a brand that needs no introduction in the boxing world and has made different boxing gloves over the years. Title boxing gloves cater to the needs of every boxer, beginner, amateurs, and advanced users. Notwithstanding, the Title boxing brand is also associated with great boxer Muhammad Ali and presents a tribute to the Greatest of All Time by keeping their gloves name on the name of ALI. On the other side, synthetic leather and innovative technology ranked title gloves as best boxing gloves in the market.

In this article, we will discuss the Title top-notch product for the boxing session. These gloves are adorned with extraordinary features that make them perfect for all level boxers and provides natural hand fist and extra wrist support and protection. We ranked these gloves according to the glove’s price; you can choose according to your need and budget.

List of 10 Best Title Boxing Gloves 2020

1. Title Gel Suspense V2T Training Gloves

best title boxing gloves

Title Gel Suspense V2T training gloves are created for those boxers that need extra wrist and hand protection.  It is a model of Title Gel Series gloves for training and sparring.

As compared to the traditional foam padding gloves, Title boxing gel suspension VT2 training gloves have foam gels on its padding for injuries protection and impact absorption.

These are known best boxing gloves for hand soreness and presents the solution of this problem with gel enforce lining and tri-layered padding. Also, You can wear these gloves for long training hours.

Besides, these gloves are equipped with full seatbelt wrap around nylon wrist strap with hook and loop closure. 

Indeed, Title highly recommended these gloves for hitting heavy bags and for those who are frequently facing knuckle soreness after training.

Available Sizes:12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz
Available Colors:Black/Yellow, Black/turquoise
  • Gel-infused cuff provides ideal support
  • Nylon weave mesh palm insert for moisture prevention
  • On one hand, full wraparound nylon wrist strap to keep gloves in place
  • On the other hand, exclusive gel enforced lining provides incredible results
  • Constructed from full-grain leather
  • Heavyweight
  • The size was not mainly created for sparring

2. Gel Intense Title Training/Sparring Gloves

title boxing gloves

Title Boxing surpasses themselves again with Title Gel Intense Sparring Gloves. These are considered best Title Boxing gloves for sparring due to the gel-infused Tri-sacks cuffs and gel enforced lining, which is exclusively made for these gloves from the manufacturer.

Let’s see what features make these gloves versatile from the rest.

Firstly, exclusive Gel Enforced Lining gives you wool touch inside and mold your hands within a couple of days.

Additionally, these gloves are adorned with gel-infused tri-stack cuffs for 360-degree wraparound and help in sparring when you are trying to block your opponent punches. Besides, the hook and closure system provides the extra fit, and you feel more comfortable.

Elastic cuff sleeves allow the athlete to convert from bag gloves to sparring gloves in seconds. In short, these are the best Title boxing gloves for heavy bag hitting. You can use it for sparring, but it is heavy in weight a little for sparring.

As a word of advice, purchase these gloves pair if you can handle its weight.

Available Sizes:12ounce, 14ounce, 16ounce, and 16oz
Available color:Red/White, Black/White
  • Gel Enforced Lining for impact resistance
  • Gel Infused Tri-stack cuffs for 360-degree wraparound
  • Crafted from full-grain leather
  • Elastic cuff sleeves allow the athlete to convert from bag gloves to sparring gloves in seconds
  • Moisture-wicking hand compartment liner for cool, dry and comfortable training
  • They are too heavy

3. Title Gel World Elastic Training Gloves

best title boxing gloves

Are you looking for the best title boxing gloves for your training session? Must go for Title gel world elastic training gloves. It comes in different weights and styles and a perfect pick for large hand boxers.

What makes it versatile and unique among other title gloves model is its new exclusive gel enforced lining with multi-layered foam padding. As a beginner, you will get the best experience with these Title training boxing gloves.

These gloves provide maximum protection to users with special foam padding. Besides, gel lining ranked these gloves as best Title boxing gloves for training due to the ability to impact resistance. You would love its fit with hook and loop closure system designed to keep the wrist snug.

Available Sizes:12oz, 14oz,16oz
Available Colors:Red/White, Black/White
  • Features with new and exclusive gel enforced lining
  • Fully leather-covered hand compartment
  • Highly durable
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • These are not suitable for female hands and small hand

4. ALI Float Sting Training Gloves

title boxing gloves

These iconic boxing gloves pair do not need any introduction as the name ALI itself is an icon of glory in the boxing world.

These gloves are made to cater to the needs of beginners, amateur, advanced users, and fitness boxers. Let’s discuss some of the features of Title boxing ALI float sting training gloves

These gloves are made with 100% genuine leather for long term durability. Besides pre, curved fit and wrap -around closure is perfect for an intense workout and heavy bag work.

 Available Sizes:12oz, 14oz, 16oz
Available colors:Black
  • Perfect pre-curved fit for comfort
  • Officially licensed and approved Muhammad Ali gear
  • No issue reported yet

5. Boxing Luxury Title Sparring Gloves

title boxing gloves 2019

These Title boxing gloves are handcrafted with 100% genuine leather and authentic sparring gloves for the highest level of performance. World-class athletes and boxers highly recommend these gloves. 

An extended handstitched design with multi-layer foam padding provides protection and a natural hand fist. Besides, complete full palm extended lacing system with a raised pleated back wrist cuff for added extra support.

Available Sizes:12oz,14oz,16oz
Available Colors:Red/Black/White, metallic blue/Red, Blue/Black/White, Metallic Silver/Red
  • Handcrafted in 100% genuine leather
  • Comfortable moisture-wicking inside hand liner
  • No issue reported

6. Title Distressed Glory Training Gloves

best title boxing gloves

Title distressed glory training gloves are crafted to defeat the opponent with pride and glory. These are best Title boxing gloves with anatomically correct inner foam at the fist for natural hand position.

These gloves are unique masterpieces of Title made with care and perfection. It is an incredible innovation for all level athletes with powerful and high shock-suppression inner foams for the ultimate training.

Why Professional boxers choose these gloves for their glory because angled wraparound wrist strap is padded on palm sides for defense and blocking enemy punches. To ensure success, boxers go with Title Distressed Glory boxing gloves.

Available Sizes:12oz, 14oz, 16oz
Available colors:Grey
  • Professionally contoured and anatomically correct inner foam
  • Full hook-and-loop attach with back wrist strap
  • Moisture-wicking inside lining
  • Not -specific

7. Title Boxing Leather Performance Training Glove

best title boxing gloves

These high-quality Title premium genuine leather performance training gloves are designed specifically for elite warriors and athletes why most professional boxers choose it frequently due to its pre-curved design, which reduced strain and fatigue during workout.

Besides, the pre-curved design provides the boxer’s hand a natural shape and keeps hand fist firm. These are considered best title boxing gloves for professionals due to its extraordinary features such as elastic wraparound wrist strap is attached for extra wrist support and a custom fit, which is a pre-requisite for the boxers.

These run long-lasting because of exclusive Aerovent® nylon mesh, which allows airflow to make inside of the gloves dry and cool.

Available Sizes:12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz
Available colors:Blue/black/White, Red/White/Black, Black/White/Red
  • Pre-curved design to keep fist in a natural position
  • Moisture-wicking hand compartment liner
  • Exclusive Aerovent nylon mesh upper palm allows hot airflow
  • Constructed with cowhide with a unique 3-layer, polyurethane, foam rubber, and low-density foam
  • No issue found yet

8. Platinum Proclaim Title Training Gloves

best title boxing gloves

These incredible high-tech training gloves are crafted with Platinum proclaim for professional sparring and training. These gloves are a perfect combination of powerful, protective, and high shock suppression inner foam with an extra-long lasting leather striking cover.

You will feel more comfortable with these new design gloves, anatomically contoured inner fist gives a natural hand fit during training. Besides, for secure and snug fit adjustable hook and the loop wrist strap is equipped with these gloves pair.

Above all, the integrated air release panel introduced in the upper palm for more refreshing and sweat-free workouts.

Surely, With these best Title Platinum Proclaim training gloves, boxing will never be the same experience for you. Title Platinum Proclaim series will take your confidence to the highest level.

Available Sizes:12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz
Available colors:Black/Silver
  • Highly durable leather for solid construction
  • Besides, the integrated air release panel for constant airflow
  • Full wraparound with adjustable hook-and-loop wrist strap
  • Above all,features with high shock suppression inner foam
  • No issue reported

9. Title Boxing Kinetic Aerovent Gloves

best title boxing gloves

 These gloves with kinetic energy are best Title boxing gloves so far. As its name expressed due to kinetic energy, the moving object is perfect for everything it hits.

These Title gloves are an ideal choice of many athletes from youth to adults, as well as from aspiring champions to fitness athletes. The synthetic cover is highly durable, and exclusive Aerovent full palm side nylon triple –mesh permits constant airflow during the workout to keep inside cooler and drier.

Besides, it features a full wrist strap with hook and loop closure to keep the gloves firm in place and get maximum fit. On top of all, moisture-wicking inside gloves liner keep athlete sweat-free during the action.

Available Sizes:8oz, 12oz, 14oz,16oz
Available colors:Blue/Black, Green/black, yellow/Black, Red/Black, Black/White
  • Moisture-wicking inside glove lining
  • Extremely durable
  • Nylon triple-mesh cover allows constant airflow
  • Spongy foam for shock-absorbing
  • In spite of a lot of benefits, hands fall asleep after about 30 minutes wearing

10. Classic Pro Style Training Title Gloves 3.0

best title boxing gloves

Classic Pro style training boxing gloves 3.0 is an exciting creation with extra benefits for the boxers and comes with the super-tough design.

Are you looking for more tough gloves for your training session? Then give a try to this gloves pair, which is manufactured from synthetic leather for durability and long-lasting performance.

In truth, these are best Title boxing gloves with multi-layer shock absorbing high and low-density foams for maximum power as you need in a training glove. Besides, satin nylon hand lining prevents moisture and keeps gloves fresh.

Of course, It is an ideal glove pair at an incredible price.

Available Sizes:8oz, 10oz, 12oz,14oz,16oz
Available colors:Blue/White, Red/White, Hot Pink/White, Black/white
  • Two-ply wrist strap with hook and closure for the full wrap
  • Satin nylon lining reduces moisture
  • Multi-layers helps in shock absorbing
  • It’s too tight for large hands
best title boxing gloves

Bottom Line

 In the end, choose the right gloves for your maximum performance and comfort. Above mentioned Title Gloves are ideal for heavy bag hitting, training, fighting, and sparring session. If you are looking for a glove pair for your sparring session, we would highly suggest you go for Title boxing gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right Title boxing glove?

 It is a tricky question, however, we suggest considering these factors before purchasing a gloves pair, Flexibility, fit, Adjustability, weight, breathability, and padding.

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