How to choose the best boxing gloves in 2020?

how to choose best boxing gloves
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As a beginner wanting the right pair of best boxing gloves is a b big deal. If you are not very familiar with boxing gloves, you are in the right place. We are here to help you choose the best pair of boxing gloves for your initial stage.

You don’t need to worry at all; after reading this article you will be able to buy the best boxing gloves pair for yourself. We will make sure that you are not wasting your money and time in the future also.


Selection of a pair of boxing gloves:

There are many things before choosing the right pair of boxing gloves. For what purpose you are going to use these boxing gloves. Are you going to buy for bag work? For your university boxing competition? For professional as an MMA fighter? These all things are matter before buying the boxing gloves.

Are you at the initial stage?

Which style of boxing do you want to do? MMA fight, Muay Thai, Cardio kickboxing,

You want to win the fight or just defend?

What is your weight?

Do you want armature gloves or professional gloves?

Which type of material do you want Synthetic leather or real leather?

What is your budget for boxing gloves?

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So these all things that you have to focus on that before buy the best boxing gloves for yourself. If you focus on these things, then surely you will get suitable boxing gloves pair. If you are going to different types of training, then you need a different couple of pairs. Because you cann’t find one pair for all types of boxing training.

Choose the perfect pair of boxing gloves:

There are many factors and things that will help you to choose the perfect pair of boxing gloves.

Types of Boxing gloves:
Here is a quick rundown on most of the styles of boxing gloves you may come across.

Heavy Bag gloves:

The first and initial type of boxing gloves is a bag glove. This one is the first glove that you will use before moving on to sparring or fighting gloves. A training with a punching bag will provide a beginner with some technique before hitting someone. A bag glove should offer you enough padding for a punching bag. This will help you to avoid injuries on the hand or wrist area.

Training gloves:

if you are a trainer and the boxing gloves you choose must be base on the type of persons you work with. These training gloves come in different colors and weights. The weight size you choose should be on some major factors, like hand size, weight, and muscle development.

Sparring gloves:

These are for both safety and your trainer’s safety, you must use only gloves that have been approved by professional at your gym for sparring. Because without approval, it cannot be sparring.

The gloves for men and women are built in a way that can protect you and your sparring partner from knockout and other injuries to your head and face. If you are interested so you making sure that you have the most effective gloves, then you can visit the market.

There are some brands that do make gloves that are specially design and padded for these purposes alone.

Gloves size and weight:

If you choose according to the weight, so the most popular choices are 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz gloves in the market. These gloves are the most common ones that are using in every gym. The size and weight are mostly matters about your safety. More padding is more protection of your hands.

Typical Gloves Size Uses:
  • Fighters under the light welterweight class (141lb) typically use 10oz gloves.
  • Fighters in division welterweight (152lb) through super heavyweight (201lb) mostly use 12oz boxing gloves
  • Master division boxers who are age 41 and older typically use 16oz gloves.

I recommend you if you are at 45Kg then use a 6oz glove. And if you are up to 110lb 50 Kg, then must go to 8oz gloves; these are typically used for fighting competitions. The fighters 150lb to 67 kg can use 12oz because it is the more common use for pads and light sparring.

Over 175lb/ 68kg to 79kg use 14oz; these gloves are mostly for sparring and very good all-rounder gloves. And 80Kg one can use 16oz; this can be used for heavy sparring if you want to hit hard and if you have big hands. These gloves are specially for protecting your partners.

Type of Boxing Sport:

The type of boxing is important for which type of boxing you are going to do MMA fighting, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or cardio kickboxing.

Traditional Western Boxing Gloves:

All boxing gloves are designed according to the style of boxing. You cannot use just one pair of boxing gloves in all styles.

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves:

Muay Thai is a completely different style of boxing. Boxing gloves is designed according to this game. Gloves are aimed more at kickboxer who need a move versatile boxing glove. Thailand is manufacturing a large number of gloves, which each excel in different aspects.

All of them are more focusing on paddling for better protection on the back of the hand. More flexibility in the grip allows the palm to open more to catch kicks. Some people prefer the shape of the gloves of Muay Thai boxing gloves. And others prefer other gloves according to the boxing type. We also take some review from the professional boxers in the UK you can check here. View More

MMA Boxing Gloves:

The MMA boxing gloves is specially designed for mix martial arts. These gloves are fingerless and with an open palm that allows the fighter to grab easily. They require a lot of free movements; these are different from other styles. These gloves are oftenly between boxing gloves and MMA gloves.

Gloves Material:

The materials of gloves depending on the style of fighting. Because every glove is designed with different materials. There are different materials lets talk about them.


These boxing gloves are fully synthetic with a 2-inch wide wrist strap for maximum safety and protection. The outer side is made with vinyl with nylon inner lining. The foam has a cushioned grip bar, and thumbs are tied. These boxing gloves are great for aerobic boxing and bag work. These gloves are available in weight ranging from 10 to 18o.

Polyurethane Leather:

Polyurethane leather is an artificial leather that is made of thermoplastic polymer. This is used for making different products like shoes, boxing gloves. The PU leather takes the fibrous part of cowhide that is leftover for making genuine leather. It also goes by a few names, and it cost less as compared to genuine leather. It is also easier to manufacture; it also absorbs water that is easy to clean.

Genuine Leather:

The genuine leather product is of high quality and costly. Leather gloves help to move your hands easily, and it also helps you to fight in a better way. The gloves with genuine leather will be more reliable, and your hands will feel better; you can quickly move your fingers and wrist area of your hand.


My recommendation is to take genuine leather gloves. Because this is better than other materials with high quality, the user can easily and freely move during the fight. The material is good, so it will be helpful to knock out the opponent.

Glove closure

One of the best and important factor is the glove closure how can you use your glove with it for better performance.

Choosing Laces & Velcro:

Let’s talk about which is the better laces or Velcro.


Laces can give you the smoother feel to a thicker Velcro wrist wrap. Laces up gloves are more secure with a single laces strap on your gloves. This is pulled tight and fit around your hand.

  • They are providing a close, secure fit around the wrist
  • They often have a long cuff to fit the arm better
  • The wrist will feel less bulky as compared to Velcro
  • You need to help for another person to putt and off this
  • It takes too much time to putt and off this
  • Laces end could cut the opponent, so you need to tape up the wrist before a fight


If you are in the initial stage of training, the Velcro is the best option for you in the gym. The Velcro is secure with one or more straps. It comes in all sizes and shapes with some brands.

  • They are quick to putt and off during the training and fight
  • You can put and off it without anyone help
  • It comes with different design and sizes
  • The strap is adding an amount of support and protection
  • Velcro can sometimes scratch the opponent
  • Velcro can lose effectiveness and over time grip can be loose
  • Velcro has some timeless padding around the wrist
  • Wrist support and fit vary dramatically

Gloves color:

When you are looking for perfect boxing gloves, color is an important consideration. Boxing brands are coming with more and more colors in the market. There is too much color choice available for you. The black and red color gloves are the most popular in the market. In amateur boxing matches, the red and blue color is restricted.

Always remember good hand wrap:

Always use the best hand wrap before your training or fight. You need to wear hand wrap underneath your gloves. It will surely make your hand safer.

How can hands get damage?

Sometimes during training, you are in the learning process. You are not aware of tricks and techniques, so during punching, your hand can be hurt with the wrong angle and technique during blocking kick and punch because blocking is not always at the back of the hand, which gets hit. A hand is formed of 27 small bones, all of which take a huge amount of shock with each hit. So the tight wrapping on handholds everything in place, and it reduces the chances of a born break.

best boxing hand wraps

What type of hand wraps are there?

There are basically two categories of hand wrap. Once a professional hand wrap or a training hand wrap. The professional one is commonly seen in the boxing matches, and some high-level boxers also use this during training in the gym. It consists of layers of thin gauze and tape. There are some more types of hand wraps.

Inner gloves wrap:

They are very good if you are looking for a quick option. It offers only general protection and better than not using any form of hand wrap. They are probably better to fit during boxing classes rather than someone seriously training as a striker.

Fast wrap:

This is basically a new addition to the market. They are backed by several pro boxers and offer a quick alternative to tape and gauze or material wrap. It offers a brilliant level of support and protection during fight and training and also a great alternative.

Cloth cotton wrap:

This one is your standard hand wrap. This is so popular because of its versatility. It will provide you extra protection. This one is not expensive and available in different colors in the market. It is available with different lengths, and this one is the best hand wrap for your protection.

Elastic Mexican style wrap:

This is very similar to cloth wrap, but this one is slightly elastic as compared to the above one. The extra stretching allows you to wrap your hand more tightly for full protection. This is also a perfect hand wrap for you.

Tape and Gauze:

Finally, here is one that you guys mostly have seen on TV during matches the white one with tape. This stuff is pretty standard medical supplies. It is very comfortable, but this one is not using too much now if we compared this to other hand wraps.

Buying Boxing Gloves from Store or Online:

If you buy boxing gloves online, of course, you will get it at a low price. Sometimes you get bad quality from online stores, especially if you have no experience related to that product. Physically you can wear and check the exact size with a length of your boxing glove.

There are many online professional stores from there; you can buy good and high-quality boxing gloves. There is all the description related to products you can read it and buy according to your demand. On stores, the variety is limited but online, and you will get a lot of options for yourself.

Amazon is the best online store you can buy from there. It will also provide you a quality warranty if you do not like you can return within some days according to the policy.

Boxing Gloves Price and Range:

There are different brands in the market with different ranges of prices. There are fewer prices and huge prices as well. The expensive one exceeds to 300$ to 400$, and the low rates are from 20$ to 40$. It all depends on the quality and the brand worth either depend on attractive price rates.

The affordable range is also available in the market from 60$ to 90$; this one is affordable, and quality is good. If you are starting your carrier so you can go with this price.

Maintenance of your boxing gloves

The care of your boxing gloves is an important thing for you.

First of all, make sure you wear hand socks or wrap your hands before wear boxing gloves. Always wipe them down or use an antibacterial spray.

After using them, make sure that your gloves are open in an airy place and dry your gloves.

Don’t leave them wet and sweaty.

Slips a couple of dryer sheets into your gloves and leave them until your next practice

You can also wash them without hurting them in a sink or in a bucket.

Hang them outside for dry.

Best Boxing Gloves:

There are numerous brands of boxing gloves in the market. It depends on your budget that which one you can buy.

Everlast pro-style boxing gloves:

These gloves are growing on and providing a serious dynamic of value even to this day. A long term lifespan, stretching for up to many years. These gloves are very easy to putt on and putt off, making it much easier to pack up the duffle bag. They are available in three sizes with thumb lock technology.

View on Amazon

Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Gloves:

This one is called the king of the ring, Sanabul. Sanabul hit the mark of comfort and providing at very reasonable prices. Wrist and hand support are front and center with the best protection. Built with high quality and pure leather construction with support arch design. Gel impact protection form is also used in these gloves.

View on Amazon

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves:

A top boxing gloves for all ages with great quality. You will get a thermal regulation pad along with the interior made of mesh to cut down on sweat. It will keep you in full control all the time. It is available with thumb attached and triple-density foam construction. A skin leather design with the reinforced palm with 2 pounds weight.

View on Amazon

Fairtex kickboxing Muay Thai Sparring Gloves:

Fairtex took a serious look at a better look and quality. These are design with all purposes built and fit tightly without cutting off circulation. You get extended slit in the palm side with ultra-durable velcro wrist fitting. It is made with pure leather hand made in Thailand.

View on Amazon

Tittle Boxing Pro Style Leather Gloves:

Well-Padded gloves it keeps the palm free from injurious during training. Made with a pure leather shell with full padded coverage and very convenient. It made with water-resistant materials to keep the moisture. At bay during the training session. Multi-layer shock with absorbing low-density form with hook and loop closure. Full-grain leather cover.

View on Amazon

Final Words:

I explain each and everything with the pros and cons of boxing gloves so now you can buy a perfect pair for yourself. Now it’s up to you how you can u made the right choice that fulfills your desires. The right pair of gloves with help you in training and you can enjoy it many years.

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