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Winning Boxing Gloves Reviews 2019

Boxing is not just about throwing punches and beating your opponent down for the count. Over the past few decades, it has become a widely appreciated form of sport that has fans all over the world.  However, to be a professional boxer, you need to have a pair of winning boxing gloves

In pro boxing, there is fighting gear to be worn and rules to be followed. In order to box safely, one needs to wear the proper fighting gear. Headgear, shoes and not to mention boxing gloves. Perhaps the most important of all is the boxing gloves. Choosing the right boxing gloves is the most important.

Especially if you are a pro boxer. The right boxing gloves can sometimes mean the difference between victory and a TKO!

What is Winning Professional Gloves?

Winning Boxing Gloves

The Winning Boxing Gloves are top-notch training boxing gloves that are made with the absolute finesse. Winning is a company that has dedicated itself to creating fighting gears that are unparalleled in quality. They are a company that produces things like headgear, boxing gloves and etc.

Besides, all of their products are manufactured under strict quality control regimens. These are gloves that are world-famous. Their very brand names speak of quality and perfection.

These gloves are unbelievably comfortable to wear and made from the finest quality leather. Furthermore, these gloves are manufactured in Japan under the watchful eye of experts, who ensure no mistake has been made in their manufacturing, which might compromise the quality of the product.

Top Winning Boxing Gloves:

1. 16oz winning gloves MS600B:

winning boxing gloves

This 60oz MS600B model is the champion. Every professional boxer must-have this pair of winning gloves. These gloves are often referred to as pillows, and high-density foam provides excellent wrist support.

Due to its superb protection, you can use these gloves the whole day and would not feel any soreness. Hence,16oz winning gloves are recommended for contact sparring as they will help protect your partner.

Available Sizes: 16 oz
Available Color: Black, Blue, Orange, Red


  • Anti-Thumbing Style
  • Unquestionable durability
  • Smooth liner
  • Made of Premium leather and horsehair
  • Hook-and-Loop strap
  • Over-priced
  • 16oz is not perfect for large hands

2. Winning 14oz MS500B:

winning training boxing gloves

These 14oz MS500B gloves are considered best for pad and bag work. Winning makes most protective gloves with padding cushion by using Japanese technology.

An absolute must for boxers with injured or sensitive hands. As compared to 16oz or 12oz, 14oz provides plenty of padding during heavy bag work.  These gloves are suitable for long skinny fingers but nor for small wrists.

Available Sizes:14oz
Available Color:Blue, White
  • Hook-and-Loop strap
  • High-quality leather
  • Shock Absorption
  • Padding is so soft and absorbs the impact
  • Anti -Thumbing Style
  • Much Expensive

3.MS200 8oz winning gloves:

winning professional gloves

This 8oz MS200 model is manufactured in Japan. These winning gloves provide the same protection on the knuckle as 16oz; however, these are perfect for a 140lber bag and mitt work.

Besides, The paddings are designed to absorb the knuckle impact. Less wrist coverage and anti-thumbing technology can let your hands fly. MS200 8oz red is much popular among the boxers. As compared to stiff leather, soft leather padding allows smaller a more curved thumb fits.

Available Sizes:8OZ
Available Color:Black, Blue, Red
  • Best quality leather
  • Anti -Thumbing Style
  • Soft nylon liner
  • Great hand protection
  • Not Available

4.  Winning 14oz MS500:

winning boxing gloves

This model is the best pair that you can possess. These 14oz gloves pair provide a snug and comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the perfect balance between the weight and the grip makes it easy to use and gives you maximum comfort in extreme situations. Well, these gloves worth the money for any professional fighter.

Available Sizes:14oz
Available Colors:Blue, White, Orange, Sky Blue
  • Sleek design but bulky
  • Excellent foam padding
  • Excellent grip
  • Provides great hand protection
  • Expensive

5.MS300 10oz winning gloves:

winning professional boxing gloves

Most professionals do not use 8oz or 10oz for the heavy bag, but winning 10oz has some extraordinary features.

Some professionals, such as Manny Pacquiao, use this 10oz pair due to adequate protection and Ergonomic design. Mostly, these weight gloves do not provide enough protection to your hands; however, this pair is an exception.

Available Sizes:10oz
Available Color:Red, Blue
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Anti -Thumbing Style
  • Best quality
  • Not Suitable for heavy work
  • Expensive

Why choose winning gloves?

These are the best choice possible for those that want to spar. Not only are they good for sparring, but they will perform as well in a professional boxing ring as they will in a training exercise. In fact, these gloves are exceptionally perfect for heavy bag punching.

No matters how hard you hit and how long you train, you will find that these are not going to be worn out. These are sturdy as hell and incredibly durable. Not your average boxing gloves at all! They might cost you but it is definitely going to be a one-time expense that will definitely give you value for your money by lasting a good amount of time.

winning boxing gloves

These gloves come with an entire array of benefits that you can’t even imagine. They are extremely well ventilated. Which will ensure that no matter how many hours you have been grinding and throwing punches with them, at the end of the training session or sparring match, when you finally peel them off, they will have absolutely no odor at all?

To sum up, these gloves are specifically designed for long-lasting. They don’t become unbearable to put on after some time due to the stench of sweat.

  • Premium quality leather is used in the making of these gloves
  • They are long lasting
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Well ventilated
  • No odour and stench of sweat even after extensive use
  • Great value for money
  • Well known brand image
  • It is not made from vegan friendly material
  • It is a little expensive for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few questions that you may have about winning boxing gloves or boxing gloves in general.

1. How long do winning boxing gloves last?

These gloves are the echelon of high quality when it comes to boxing gloves and fighting gear. Usually, the first pair of winning boxing gloves you buy should last you anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on how much you train and how extensively you use them. If you train nearly every day for hours and hours, they are likely to last you the year.However if you do so a little less frequently, then the same pair might even last for 3 years at a time.

2. What are Winning Gloves made out of?

Winning is a not a vegan friendly brand however, what they lack in diplomacy, they make up for in the quality of their products. Above all, the skin of these boxing gloves is made from premium quality top grain tanned leather. This leather is most typically either cowhide or even goatskin as these are the most flexible, lightweight and long-lasting of all. 

3. How often should you buy new boxing gloves?

Even though the Winning Boxing Gloves will probably last you a year at the very least. However, It is always a good idea to upgrade yourself with a new pair once every six to eight months if you are someone that trains extensively.


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